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With Catherine Procopio
Swimming with Dolphins in New York, NY

Enjoy Swimming with Dolphins in New York, NY

Wild Dolphin Retreats

In a typical wild dolphin retreat, each morning Catherine and the participants embark on a 3 to 4 hour boat excursion to go swimming with dolphins in New York, NY.  Dolphins may or not be sited.  ( But usually are!)   If the dolphins are interested the group is able to enter the water and have the unique experience of interacting respectfully with these beautiful and intelligent creatures. Weather and ocean conditions may influence their availablity since this truly is a wild dolphin experience.   In the afternoons she provides biodynamic craniosacral therapy sessions in the warm crystal clear water. Each client gets at least one individual session dring the retreat.   Yoga and meditation are incorporated in the day to complete a week of healing and relaxation. Participants can swim with dolphins, meditate, do yoga, walk on the beach, and experience aquatic biodynamic craniosacral therapy sessions to have a once in a lifetime healing experience. These retreats are provided once a year.